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17758497_10211433743094349_5640031327604099738_o(1)WHO AM I?

I started out as a classical musician, playing percussions in small orchestras, and later learning the piano and guitar. I played in various Rock and Jazz bands, and even conducted a Bateria (brazilian percussion band).

Composition was the next natural step, so I started some more advanced Harmony classes and began to learn the art of orchestration.

Music can add tremendous artistic value to any project by emphasizing your vision and underlining the ideas you wish to share with the world. Someone who also understands how powerful silence can be, or how to make the music so inconspicuous it becomes a small part in a whole piece can really make your project stand out from the multitude of standardised content out there.

Drop me a line on the site through the CONTACT page, we can chat about your project, and I can give you my first assessment of how to best score your project, no strings attached, and then move on to a tailored contract that will satisfy everyone!

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

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